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Tuesday 7 December, 2021
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The Services We Provide

Uplink Productions provides services for all aspects of website development, as well as some other services not directly related to the internet.

The following is an overview of what we can do for you:

Domain Name Registration
Every website needs a domain name.  Do you want to get a domain name registered?  First, you need to check if it’s available, then register it and maintain it.  We can help with this process.

Website Hosting
In order to serve your website to the world’s internet users, it has to be hosted somewhere.  We can organise this hosting for your website and handle the installation, testing and setup before it goes live to the public.

Website Design
This refers designing the look and feel of the website, from developing the structure and colours, to working out the user interface and thinking about the future.

We can also design a website and provide you with the files to hand over to someone else to develop the website.

Website Programming
This involves actually creating the systems that display pages, allow you to edit them, add products for sale, manage sales, working in a database, and so on.  This is the guts of website development work and we are very experienced at it.

You can also provide us with a website designed by someone else and we can develop the programming to drive it.

e-commerce means selling things online using your website.  We can develop integrated catalog systems with shopping carts and built in sales managers for your business.

We can also develop large-scale websites selling particular products or services, presented in particular ways to the customer, such as date-based rates or add-on cost components.

Member-based systems
We can develop websites that allow people to signup and become a member, sending them validating emails and allowing them to log in to do things, such as creating profiles and multimedia galleries.

Search Engine Optimisation
With any modern website creation, the way that search engines see a website is as important as the person who uses the website.  We develop all websites with search engine optimisation built in from the ground up.  By the time the project is finished, it’s submitted to Google.

Logo Design
We love to be creative and design a unique and expressive logo for your business.  Give us a try!

Technical Illustration
We specialise in original transport-related illustrations, such as car and aircraft posters.  We have a range of Australian Ford, Holden and Chrysler posters for sale, as well as Jaguar, movie cars and aviation-related series.

To see more of what we can do, please visit our online portfolio.

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